The Man Behind the Batman: Doug Moench

Aside from dispensing the latest information about Doug's career this site is set up to archive information about each series he has written. Paired under most series are a summary of what it was about and a picture of the earliest issue Doug wrote. We also have included all the issue numbers he has written.

Doug Moench Birth: 2/23/48 Chicago, Illinois
Home: Pennsylvania
Family: Debra Moench (Wife), Derek Moench (Son), Rusty (Family Dog), Lilly (Pet Frog)
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Music Groups: The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Traffic
Favorite Songs: "Stand By Me"-Ben E. King or John Lennon, "Dear Mr. Fantasy"-Traffic, "Beast of Burden"-The Rolling Stones, "Revolution"-The Beatles, "Wicked Game"-Chris Isaac, "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"-Jimi Hendrix, "Eminence Front"-The Who
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Video Games, Archery, Darts
Favorite Movies: "Dead Man", "Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb", "Chinatown", "The Godfather", "Apocalypse Now", "Psycho", "The Haunting"

"Doug Moench is fast approaching his third decade of writing. His credits include novels, short stories, newspaper feature articles, book/movie/record reviews, magazine copy, dramatic radio and LP records, comic books, syndicated newspaper strips, film screenplays, and teleplays.

"In comics, Moench has written for Warren, Skywald, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Byron Preiss Visual Publications, various underground publishers, Heavy Metal Publications, Eclipse, Kitchen Sink, Dark Horse, Malibu, and others. Although precise records have never been kept, it is very possible that Moench has written more comic book pages than anyone else in history. He is currently writing Batman, one of the oldest ongoing comic book titles in the business.

"Moench and his works have been honored many times -- with the Eagle, World Fantasy, Diamond Gemstone, Inkpot, Eisner, and other awards -- and he was nominated for a Chicago Newspaper Guild Award in 1972. Time magazine listed The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, for which Moench was story editor and head writer, as one of the Ten Best TV Shows of 1987, while the Wall Street Journal named it the best."
About the Author from the Batgirl novel

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